Sacred Mountain: 7 Day Ayahuasca, Shamanic Yoga, and Mastermind Retreat | Sacred Valley, Peru

June 4-11 2018


Embark on a safe and magical retreat that will connect you with nature, align your heart, cleanse your mind, and transform your vision into reality.

Join Diana & Mathieu, Shamanic Facilitators and Self Love guides, and a skilled Shipibo Couple, for an uplifting experience in the Sacred Valley, Peru.

Deep Transformation

In this retreat, get ready to go deep, and to change aspects of your life once and for all, so you no longer need to suffer emotionally, mentally, and physically.

The Icaros (songs from the plants) sung by our Shipibo healers, can heal and transform your DNA, release and re-program stagnant energy and limiting beliefs. This is unique and effective in ways that Western medicine can not compare or tackle.

Heal through your genetic lineage, discover unconscious patterns you may continue to act out, so that you can fully align with your heart path, and live a life of unconditional love and forgiveness, for you, your parents, and all your relations.

We feel honored to act as a bridge for you to experience this sacred plant medicine and its teachings, so when you go back to your daily life, you will feel supported in the changes that come with such deep connection to life, and transformation.

"I tried Ayahuasca with Diana and Mathieu, and it was an amazing experience… I felt I connected with myself like never before… and it gave me so much peace, so much certainty in my life. Mathieu and Diana are awesome people. They know how to create the perfect space, a safe space… I definitely recommend having that experience with them."

— Martin Pelletier, Canada


A Safe and Supportive Journey

This is a life-changing journey, where you will be fully supported through medicine ceremonies, mastermind sessions, connection with nature, shamanic yoga, and organic food to help your body balance and align, and group sharing circles to integrate your experiences.

Your growth and well-being is crucial, therefore we add personal and plant integration coaching, to meet the needs of each participant.

Our Shipibo healers will receive your intention and ensure that it is addressed within the ceremonies. And we will listen to you individually during personal coaching sessions, giving you the possibility to express your truth, and receive support.

You will not be left alone with your experience.

This is what makes our retreats unique.


The potential you will discover within, after this retreat:

  • This super charged high vibe experience will help you share your new passion for life with the world, and be of great service.

  • Live a sacred life by making conscious choices with food, relationships, and cleansing practices in all aspects of your life.

  • Let Intuition be your guide. Learn how to truly listen to your feelings and trust that each emotion and experience is the universe serving you.

Premium & Shamanic Accomodation

Give yourself permission to soak in the luxury of a premium accomodation to enhance the comfort of your retreat experience. Or choose a super cozy tipi, with a wooden floor and high quality bed.

The center has a shamanic ambiance, beautiful gardens with hummingbirds and flowing water, and eco design suites and bathrooms.

Sacha Munay, which means "Love from the ancient forest", is located below one of the valley's most sacred mountains.

Organic and fresh food

You will feel the love from this place, surrounded by sacred mountains, as well as receive the abundance from the organic garden and organic meals from the land, made by their passionate peruvian staff.

If you have any dietary requirements, we can cater to you. We focus on vegan, vegetarian, gluten & dairy free meals as a foundation. Fish and eggs can also be added.


Ayahuasca and Shipibo:
Creating the best circumstances

Ayahuasca is one of the most powerful plant medicines on Earth. That's why our priority is to provide a safe space for you to go deep, explore your psyche, and come back from your journey with clarity, and a sense of renewal.

You will be supported by two exceptional native Shipibo healers, and two devoted facilitators. We will guide you through a beautiful medicine journey with powerful icaros, multiple cleansing rituals, and long moments of silence so you can hear the song of your soul.

We offer 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies so that you can: experience connection with your Higher Self; find the root cause of imbalance in your life; awaken love and forgiveness; and unify the vision of your third eye with the vibration of your heart, in order to manifest your unique creative potential.


Mastermind Group Sessions:
To support one another

Once you receive the wisdom of your higher self, and what it is you are meant to create in your highest power, we will gather, and share our passion during the mastermind group sessions.

Here, each member can support one another through networking and creative ideas. The collective energy will help you gain the self confidence you need to launch your projects in your most aligned vibration.

Expressing yourself openly about what you intend to create in your life is a powerful tool to help you bring your vision to life. Receiving the echo and the support of the group will accelarate the manifestation.

Your Facilitators

Both Diana and Mathieu act as a bridge between North and South, between the teachings received from Ayahuasca and your return to your daily life. They will help you integrate the experiences that can transform your life the way you want it to be, in alignment with your heart and your clear vision.

Diana Deer Hawk

A shamanic facilitator, self love guide, and intuitive healing arts practitioner, she has travelled to many places around the world. Apprenticing with Shipibo, Mayan, and Qero healers, she is devoted to facilitating plant medicine ceremonies, and helping people connect with the land, and their sacred mission.

She has worked closely with plant diets and plant medicine, having spent a year apprenticing and teaching yoga at an ayahuasca retreat center in Peru, 2 years working closely with the medicine facilitating small group retreats, and currently offers retreats in Peru, with her life partner and their company, Amaruanka.

Mathieu White Wolf

A skilled shamanic facilitator, relationship guide, and self love guide, he combines yoga, meditation, rituals, and shamanic practices to help people connect nature to their sacred heart.

His passion for travel, archaeology, sacred sites, and nature’s medicine, inspire him to facilitate retreats in Peru, that help people align their soul purpose in this incarnation. He has devoted his service in hosting intimate ceremonial retreats to help people overcome their inner challenges, and live a life of truth.


What's included:

  • 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • 1 Cacao ceremony
  • Mastermind Sessions
  • Shamanic Yoga Classes
  • Lushious and cozy accommodations at Sacha Munay Retreat Center
  • Three delicious vegetarian meals per day (2 on ceremony days)
  • Integration Coaching
  • Hike to Sacred Mountain
  • Guided meditations, and self practice space
  • Transport to the retreat center on June 4th, and back to the airport on June 11th (at designated times only)

Your investment

Prices include accommodation, food, and transport (flight tickets not included).

  • Tipi with shared bathroom: $1650 USD
  • Room with private bathroom (triple occupancy): $1850 USD
  • Room with private bathroom (double occupancy): $2050 USD
  • Room with private bathroom (single occupancy): $2250 USD

PROMOTION: Register before May 15th with a friend, and each save $100US

How to register

First of all, it is essential to contact us by email so we can set up an interview to discuss medical and your intentions for joining us on this retreat. Following this, we will send you a form and the payment procedure.

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